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KN95 Built-in Exhalation Valve Masks 10Pcs 5 Ply Protective Mask


The KN95 exhalation valve mask can adjust the nose band to fit any face shape, easy to wear comfortable.

The KN95 mask with 1 exhalation valves remove carbon dioxide and excess moisture. Helps easy to breathe and remove water vapor.

5-layer filtered KN95 exhalation valve masks protect you and your family from viruses.

Each package contains 10 masks.

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KN95 Masks CE & FDA Certification



33 reviews for KN95 Built-in Exhalation Valve Masks 10Pcs 5 Ply Protective Mask

  1. Dennis Fluhrer

    Lightweight, secure, and adjustable

  2. K Slice

    I was tired of wearing the blue hospital masks and was looking for some fancy one and I found this perfect. This has breathable valves which allows to exhaled air to exit and inhale only filtered air with the layers of filtration, which makes it perfect for wearing it during workout, walk or wearing in any public space. I was exhausted and found difficulty breathing by wearing normal clothes mask as it doesnt allows air movement freely. Thanks for the extra filter to change.

  3. MaddsPhoto

    My Husband wears glasses and the homemade cotton ones kept making his glasses fog up. I ran across this one and decided to give it a try. It fits him very comfortably and his glasses do not fog up while wearing these. Definitely try this one if you have issues with your glasses fogging while wearing other masks or just need a mask in general.

  4. Paul decaprio

    Comfortable, stays on great

  5. Dale Beaty

    Breathable mask

  6. Harriet G. Hernandez

    Very convenient to use mask.

  7. Jim B

    Useful face mask

  8. Linda Copeland

    Arrived on time and works amazing!

  9. Autryboss

    This mask is comfortable and makes it so much easier to breathe. It is also tight fitting and feels secure when I wear it.

  10. Andrew

    100% Great Product

  11. WARlluminati

    There are so many masks on the market that one does not know which is the best. Since I bought it I am happy, I have been using it for a week and it is the best I have bought. super comfortable. it does not suffocate me and I can be with it all day.

  12. Lisa RN, PHN

    In these times it’s nice to have a mask that you can wear more than once and throw away. This is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It’s worth the money spent.

  13. Kauz

    worth the money

  14. Shaolins Dragon

    So far, its worked perfectly! I groom cats for a living and their hair gets everywhere, with this mask on, no hair got in my mouth or up my nose! Easy to wear, breathing was normal and when I talked, I didn’t sound muffled. I love this mask!

  15. Megan

    It works!

  16. CalvinHobbesN7

    Easy to breathe very comfortable

  17. John C Byrne


  18. Paragon Partners

    It’s worth your time and money to try this good looking N95 mask.

  19. Bob Day

    I love it. I have severe allergies so this is perfect!

  20. Arizona

    Great product

  21. Master of Puppets

    Looks cool, great fit

  22. Gluposti, Inc.

    Protection with ease of breathing

  23. Pat G.

    I need to wear a mask for work due to COVID-19. I have been having difficulty breathing with other cloth and paper masks. With this mask I have protection and I protect others and it makes breathing much easier.

  24. A Reader

    Mask is very comfortable and fits snug on nose so no fogging with glasses plus the Velcro closure saves your ears when having to wear for hours.

  25. Ed C

    No complaints. Does it’s job stylishly? But anyway, great product, breathing is easy in it, looks cool to wear also.

  26. D’King

    Works great!

  27. Russell Harris

    Works very good

  28. Albert L. Stoner

    Great mask to use for this virus and will be perfect to use for painting and other household chores.

  29. Lloyd Piatt

    Great Mask

  30. Tyler

    Good product. Fits for me correctly.

  31. Brian

    Nice stylish mask.

  32. ItsMe

    Good air permeability, not easy to deformation

  33. Matt

    This really helps me breath a lot better at work. Very comfortable and highly recommended for anybody who has hard time breathing wearing masks.

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